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Free from foreign matters with Max.Food X-Ray


Max.Food a good decision

  • "Know How"

    Over 40 years experience!

    Since the early 80s we process, as a family, dried foods such as herbs, spices, dried vegetables, mushrooms and seeds.

    Take advantage of our vast experience!

  • Flexibility through commitment

    Our motivation is your success

    Not least, the experience of our staff guarantees a good use of your products.

    Your satisfaction is our highest suggestion.
  • Cutting-edge technology

    Max.Food technology brings all the difference

    Whether germ reduction, mill, X-ray, or pressure treatment - we only use high-tech equipment!

    Only the best equipment and a high level of awareness of quality produce best products.
  • Quality

    Quality awareness is the foundation of our company philosophy

    Permanent quality control, from goods receipt to the production process to shipping, guarantee a consistently high quality of your products.

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